Requirements for becoming a RealChoice(tm) Implant Center

  • Must place a new order within 90 days for 25 implants including at least 5 ScrewIndirect implants. Initial purchases taking advantage of Implant Direct's Buy 20, Get 5, can not be used to meet this requirement.

  • Minimum requirement to be a RealChoice Center is an initial purchase of 25 implants at the beginning of the first year (per requirement above) and then starting at the beginning of the second year, 25 implants every quarter thereafter. Authorization to use Implant Direct's RealChoice and Teeth-in-1Day trademarks and the RealChoice personalized Website can be canceled with 90 days notice if Implant Direct determines that its implants are not the primary system being used by an office.

  • Must have purchased or will purchase a Complete Spectra-System Drill Set "CST" or if placing RePlant Implants, purchase Implant Direct's RePlant complete Surgical Tray "RCST" plus additional drills and tools for the placement of the ScrewIndirect implants.

  • Must use Implant Direct's products as the Primary implant system.

  • Agree that Implant Direct can make global changes to the RealChoice website content on doctor specific web sites at it's discretion.

  • The above requirements apply to the first two office locations. Additional offices will each require a 25 Implant Order plus surgical kit.