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Dr. Niznick is the Founder and President of Implant Direct Int'l

Dr. Niznick is the Founder and President of Implant Direct Int'l. He was referred to by Barron's magazine as the "Godfather of American Implant Dentistry". Dr. Niznick has been developing and manufacturing dental implants for 27 years and has 35 U.S. patents and patent applications in the dental implant field. In 2004, three years after he sold his former implant company to the worlds largest Orthopedic Company, Zimmer Inc., Dr. Niznick re-assembled his team of about 80 experienced engineers, machinists and QA specialists to develop his new concept of Application Specific implants, called Spectra-System. By providing six different implants, all having the same body design but with different tops for different clinical situations, he was able to simplify the surgical procedures, expand the restorative options and reduce the costs, making implant dentistry more affordable and predictable. A tour of Implant Direct's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California makes it clear why CNC West Manufacturing Magazine referred to this factory as "The Shop of the Future". An implant industry report referred to Implant Direct as having "a unique internet based business model that allows for unprecedented low dental implant prices, supported by Dr. Niznick's strong reputation." Implant Direct has offices in four countries and now employs over 200 dedicated professions supporting the goals and efforts of RealChoice Implant Centers and their experienced and dedicated clinicians in proving the highest quality dental implant services to their patients.